Code: 889

PT. BPR KARYAJATNIKA SADAYA was established on September 14, 1990 based on the Deed of Establishment made by notary Imas Tarwiyah Soedrajat, SH, domiciled in Bandung Regency, with authorized capital at that time amounting to Rp. 250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty million rupiah).

Seeing the potential, then in 1999 PT. BPR Karyajatnika Sadaya applied for a change of address to the Municipality of Bandung. Based on permission from Bank Indonesia No.1 / 318 / CPBPR / IDBPR / Bd December 16, 1999, then on December 30, PT. BPR Karyajatnika Sadaya officially moved its address to the municipality of Bandung, precisely on Jl. Abdurachman Saleh No. 2 Bandung, which currently operates as a head office.

Supported by a joint commitment of all shareholders and management and staff makes PT. BPR Karyajatnika Sadaya as a company that is growing rapidly and is able to compete in the banking world. 2001 PT. BPR Karyajatnika Sadaya began to improve infrastructure by implementing S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedure) and standardization of services in all branches of PT. BPR Karyajatnika Sadaya. In 2003 PT. BPR Karyajatnika Sadaya obtained ISO 9001-2000 version for Core Banking from the SAI Global Certification Agency (ANZ) with registration number QEC 20588.