Bank BTN

Bank BTN


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BTN began with the establishment of Postspaarbank in Batavia in 1897. In 1942, this bank was frozen and replaced with Tyokin Kyoku or Chokinkyoku (貯 金 局). After the proclamation of Indonesian independence the bank was taken over by the Indonesian government and changed to the Post Savings Office. The name and form of the company subsequently changed several times until finally in 1963 it was changed to the official name.

Then the history of Bank BTN began to be carved again by his appointment by the Government of Indonesia on January 29, 1974 through the Minister of Finance's Letter No. B-49 / MK / I / 1974 as a place for financing housing projects for the people. In line with this task, starting in 1976 began the realization of the KPR (Home Ownership Credit) for the first time by Bank BTN in Indonesia.

Bank BTN expanded its business in 1989 by starting operations as a commercial bank and issuing the first bonds. In 1992 the status of Bank BTN became PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) due to the success of Bank BTN in the housing business through KPR facilities. In 1994, BTN obtained a license to operate as a foreign exchange bank. The next eight years (2002) based on the study of an independent consultant, Price Water House Coopers, the Government through the minister of BUMN in letter No. 5 - 544 / MMBU / 2002 decided Bank BTN as a commercial bank with a focus on the housing finance business without subsidies.