Bank CNB

Bank CNB


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Centratama Nasional Bank is an Indonesian company in the form of a limited liability company and is engaged in banking financial services. PT. The National Centratama Bank, better known as the CNB Bank, was established in Surabaya on 7 October 1992 based on the Notary Deed of the RN. Sinulingga, SH, Number 194 domiciled in Jakarta and approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia with Decree Number C2-9740.HT.01.01-TH.92 dated October 28, 1992 and has been announced in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 dated 16 February 1993.

The establishment of the CNB Bank has its roots in several types of business fields including the textile trade, wood industry, car showrooms and the Bank Perkreditan Rakyat. This is where the founding pioneers of the CNB Bank drew experience, cultivated expertise while continuing to explore and learn to understand the needs of the community.

Right on August 2, 1993, the CNB Bank conducted its first operational activity on Jalan Kedungdoro 32 Surabaya, which is the Head Office to date.

With the growth and development of an increasingly advanced economy the CNB Bank began by opening branch offices in the Surabaya and surrounding areas and since 1996 Bank CNB dared to expand its office network outside of Surabaya to 41 offices and be able to compete and remain with the status of a bank that VERY NICE predicate. Now the wider community has been familiarly calling the CNB Bank for a name for PT. National Centratama Bank.