Bank Royal

Bank Royal


Code: 501

PT. Bank Royal Indonesia ("Bank") was previously named PT. Bank Rakjat Parahyangan domiciled in Bandung, Ciparay, was established with the notarial deed of R. Soerojo Wongsowidjojo, SH., No.35 dated October 25, 1965. In accordance with amendments to Articles of Association No. 19 August 21, 1982 made by Notary R. Soerojo Wongsowidjojo, SH., The name of the Bank was changed to PT. Parahyangan People's Market Bank. The deed of establishment of the Bank was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia with Decree No.C2 1092-HT.01.01.TH.82 dated 3 September 1982.

Based on notarial deed No. 68 dated January 8, 1990, the status of PT. Bank Pasar Rakyat Parahyangan was upgraded to become a commercial bank and its name was changed to PT. Bank Royal Indonesia, domiciled in Jakarta, and has been approved by the Minister of Justice with Decree No. C2-1007.HT.01.04.TH.90 dated February 26, 1990, and from the Minister of Finance with Decree No. 1090 / KMK.013 / 090 dated September 12, 1990 and has been published and announced in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia dated September 4, 1990 No.71 Supplement No. 3206/1990. Based on Notarial deed F.X. Budi Santoso Isbandi, SH., No.38 dated 15 October 2003, PT Bank Royal Indonesia was established for an indefinite period of time.

The main activity of PT. Bank Royal Indonesia is running a business in banking, headquartered in Central Jakarta, Jalan Suryopranoto, No.52. PT. Bank Royal Indonesia has 1 (one) Main Branch Office in Surabaya and 6 (six) Sub-Branch Offices namely in Lautze, Mangga Dua, Hayam Wuruk, Kelapa Gading, Tangerang, and Tanah Abang.