Bank Mayora

Bank Mayora


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PT Bank MAYORA (hereinafter referred to as Bank MAYORA) was established on July 28, 1993 as an associate company of MAYORA Group, one of Indonesia’s biggest food and beverages producers, and the majority shareholder of Bank MAYORA. By constantly providing best services to the customers, notably those of the retail and consumer segments, Bank MAYORA has been experiencing growth as well as winning the trust of the customers. Moreover, since gaining the status of Commercial Foreign exchange Bank based on Decision Letter of Governor of Bank Indonesia No. 15/5/KeP.DpG/2013 dated May 7, 2013, Bank MAYORA has been enjoying accelerated growth.


IN 2015, International Finance Corporation (IFC) placed equity investment worth Rp290 billion or US$22 million at PT Bank MAYORA. This capital addition coming from a member of World Bank group has further strengthened the capital structure and supported Bank MAYORA in its bid to expand one of its businesses in Indonesia, namely SME financing. In March 2016, Bank MAYORA officially became BUKU II bank category, or bank with core capital between Rp1 trillion and Rp5 trillion. This paves the way for Bank MAYORA to further diversify its business lines.

Bank MAYORA then embarked in new lines of business, namely bancassurance and wealth management. With the support of 835 employees, each adhering to the principle of customers’ satisfaction and trust as their priority, Bank MAYORA provides its banking services at its headquarter, 43 offices, comprising of 32 branch  offices and 11 cash offices which is continuously improved. And to support the services, Bank MAYORA also has been strengthening its IT infrastructures, developed to provide electronic banking services available at 56  units ATM machines, and 1,433 units EDC machines distributed in various locations in the country to provide  best service to customers.