Bank Jasa Jakarta

Bank Jasa Jakarta


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Founded 35 years ago, Bank Jasa Jakarta until now has become a partner, which can present solutions for the financial needs of its customers and still maintain and maintain the achievement of positive financial performance. The ability of Bank Jasa Jakarta in maintaining good performance in the midst of a challenging environment has further confirmed the existence of Bank Jasa Jakarta as a well-developed, solid and healthy bank.

Supported by the application of prudential principles and good corporate governance, Bank Jasa Jakarta is consistently able to maintain credit quality, maintain strong capital and manage a healthy liquidity position. These conditions make Bank Jasa Jakarta able to provide support for its customers, as well as capture various business opportunities to strengthen the business foundation of Bank Jasa Jakarta in the future.

Bank Jasa Jakarta currently has a network of offices consisting of 1 Head Office, 11 Sub-Branch Offices and 3 Cash Offices as well as the provision of an ATM network that is incorporated in the Prima network that is spread throughout major cities of Indonesia. In the midst of increasingly fierce competition in the banking industry and with the support of information system technology development carried out in 2019, Bank Jasa Jakarta has a positive belief in being able to provide services that can meet the financial needs of customers and move forward by exploiting the potential and opportunities of the banking business exist to achieve the best performance.