iDebit, ALTOs Mainstay Product Service For Digital Payment

By Administrator | Apr 10 2019 22:42

As part of innovation, ALTO created digital products that accommodate its member in elevating their business. One of digital products that just been introduced recently is iDebit.

The soft launching took place at Moonshine, Nobel House Kuningan on July 18, 2019. The event was attended by 50 finance institutions, such as banks and non banks institutions. Few of them are ALTOs members and the rest are the finance institutions that are interested to join as ALTO’s member.

iDebit is a solution to perform seamless online payment using Debit Card. Since the debit cards is still a trend in the market, ALTO accommodate its members with a world class payment solution that suits their need best at this time.

ALTO’s CEO Armand Widjaja said that he was impressed by the enthusiasm of the attendees in the event. “I didn’t expect that our product will get such a huge response and enthusiasm from the finance institutions. It proves that we still have so much to do in answering and providing our members the best payment solution that suits best for them based on the market trend and comply with regulation.”

Since the soft launching was successful, ALTO is now working on the implementation. ALTO welcomes the members to explore the product more further and provides any support they need in exploring and implementing iDebit.

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